Before Renting a Property

Carefully read this note till the end...

KokoHousing has your interest at heart and will try our possible best to ensure you are not scammed or encounter any problems while renting a property from agents and landlords you meet on our website.

Make sure you call the agent who listed this property for lease and 
go for physical inspection with them before paying any money for the apartment.

You are entitled to a certificate of purchase and a goodie bag from KokoHousing after the success of this transaction. The certificate and gift will be delivered to your doorstep at any address in Nigeria you provide within 7 days. This certifies that you got this apartment through our website. With this certificate, we will protect you and make sure you do not encounter any ugly issue with the landlord and/or agent.The goodie bag may contain items such as t-shirts and home use items.

If at any point in time the agent and/or the landlord refuses to fulfill their part of the agreement/promise and the issue is getting out of hands, we will intervene on your behalf and take necessary measures. In severe cases, we will involve our lawyer and/or the Nigerian police.

KokoHousing charges the agent 1/4 of the agency fee, which is usually 2.5% of the total amount paid for the rent. We cannot issue the certificate of purchase to you if we don't get our cut from the agent or landlord. You are therefore advised to make sure the agent pays us this intermediary fee so that you can be issued the certificate.

After making payment for the apartment, you should contact us using the following details to report and ensure you get your certificate and goodie bag: Phone: 08163630045, 09054605550, 08062629488, 08077320735. Email:

Note that KokoHousing is not a property agent but an intermediary between agents or landlords and property shoppers.
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