Before Buying a Property

Carefully read this note till the end...

has your interest at heart and will try our possible best to ensure you are not scammed or encounter any problems while buying a property from agents you meet on our website.

Buying a property requires care and skill. So many people have been swindled while buying up properties from agents. We do not want your case to be like theirs.

Before paying for a property, you should ensure the certificates are original, the land is not under government acquisition, and the important family members are aware of the sale. Failure to abide by the aforementioned might result in unending conflict and great loss of money.

advises that you use our certified lawyers for the property search before purchase. Our lawyers will help you do a proper search at the Lands Bureau to make sure the Certificates are original and registered with the government, and that the property is not under government acquisition. The lawyer will also help you to negotiate the best deal, do a background search and ensure every indicator turns green before giving you the go ahead.

In a case where you have your own lawyer or feel you do not need a lawyer for the transaction, by all means, make sure to carry us along in the transaction process. Make sure KokoHousing is aware of the deal before making payments of any kind.

Upon the purchase of your property, KokoHousing will issue a certificate of purchase and a special gift. With this certificate, we will protect you and make sure you do not encounter any ugly issue with the 
landlord and/or agent.

If at any point in time the agent and/or the landlord refuses to fulfill
 their part of the agreement/promise and the issue is getting out of hands, we will intervene on your behalf and take necessary measures. In severe cases, we will involve our lawyer and/or the Nigerian police.

KokoHousing charges the agent 1/4 of the agency fee, which is usually 2.5% of the total amount paid for the deal. We cannot issue the certificate of purchase to you and will not get any gift if we don't get our cut (intermediary fee) from the agent. 

You should contact us using the following details to report and ensure you carry us along. Phone: 08163630045, 09054605550, 08062629488, 08077320735. Email:

Note that KokoHousing is not a property agent but just an intermediary
between agents or landlords and property shoppers.
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